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La Alcoba del Agua

Eat, drink, love

Quality and tradition with exquisite wines

The gastronomic culture of Sanlúcar de Barrameda is based on local products of the highest quality, traditional recipes and original ones accompanies by the excellent Jerez wines, among which the unquestionable star is the famous manzanilla of Sanlúcar.

La Alcoba del Agua

Before having a glass of wine, you can start the day with a delicious breakfast at La Alcoba del Agua, which includes local products so you can get a taste of what is to come.

Midday is an excellent time to check out the historical urban attractions of this wine-making city par excellence.

Below is a list of tapas bars, taverns and restaurants we recommend that you visit.

The different areas of Sanlúcar

Barrio alto

  • La Herrería: A picturesque and charming spot managed by a highly respected and unique character: Paco Félix. Here, you can enjoy an excellent atmosphere surrounded by old blacksmith and farming tools. Closed Sunday and Monday evening.

  • El Espejo: Gastronomy raised to art and tapas culture with an exquisite refinement. High quality fusion cuisine and a long and select wine list.

Town centre

  • Casa Balbino: A Sanlúcar classic. This traditional and lively tavern has 10-12 waiters running around non-stop serving first-class food and delicious prawn omelettes (tortilla de camarones).

  • Bota Punta: A rogue and up-to-date tavern. Reminiscent of the classic and contemporary finishes. Exquisite and passionate attention. They change the menu very often.

“El Barrio”

  • Peña Bética Er Carlos: A popular tavern managed by ‘Er Carlos’ where the quality of its fish dishes and tomato salads is off the charts. The love given to olive oil and deep-fried dishes make this place one of the best of its kind in Sanlúcar. Closed Monday.

  • Taberna Er Guerrita: In this tavern run by our friend Armando ‘Er Guerrita’ Guerra you will find wine brands known around the world coexisting in perfect harmony with bottles produced by lesser-known winemakers, owners of small vineyards and producers of wine which experts cannot get enough of.

Bajo de Guía

  • Casa Bigote: This long-lasting seafood ambassador serves delicious food among which you can find its star dish, the Sanlúcar prawn. It also serves delicious stews and eating at the bar, a temple in itself, is a must for all visitors.

  • El Poma: Seafood, stews, fish and sauces come together in what is an exquisite local culinary experience that will delight all visitors, accompanied of course by the best regional wines which boost the intense flavours.

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