What to do in Sanlúcar de Barrameda

We invite you to stroll and explore Sanlúcar de Barrameda, to get to know its history and to relax contemplating and tasting its wonders. The sunsets, its varied and exquisite gastronomy, the walks through the seaside neighbourhoods on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, or its picturesque taverns. All this and more will make you feel like you are in a corner of Andalusia that preserves a special flavour.

Our village is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the area, a diamond in the rough, a meeting place of civilisations and an excellent starting point for visiting the province.

In short, a privileged place full of life where you can do everything: go out for a drink, sunbathe, go shopping, enjoy seafood cuisine, discover the natural landscapes of Doñana, plan a pub crawl with friends, go horse riding, relax in a fish-spa…


Together with my team, I manage the visit to Doñana, ensuring a unique experience. Twenty ecosystems, framed in three major environments: beaches (consolidated dunes and mobile dunes), marshes (salt and fresh) and reserves (scrubland and pine forests), bathed by the Guadalquivir estuary, the true master of Doñana.

Sand/clay, drought/flood, fresh water/salt water… the meeting of opposing elements produces inexplicable phenomena that generate legends and beautiful texts.

Sand/clay, drought/flood, fresh/salty water… The meeting of opposing elements produces inexplicable phenomena that generate legends and beautiful texts.

If you would like a detailed description of each of the experiences to get to know Doñana click here

Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba
Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba


My town is a gastronomic town. The cuisine of my town is based on the products of its sea and countryside, products of the highest quality interpreted in family kitchens, in restaurants and bars with traditional recipes and paired with generous wines from the Jerez region, among which “La Manzanilla de Sanlúcar” shines.

If you are planning to visit me, allow me to be your guide on this journey of flavours. I propose a gastronomic route to get lost and find the selection of my favourite places for tapas, taverns and restaurants in the following link.

Wines and wineries

I have something special for you in Sanlúcar de Barrameda that has seen life go by. History, in silence, has engraved in its memory what has happened and stored in its flavour. The passage of time and very special conditions created the gold of Sanlúcar, “La Manzanilla”.

At the end of the 18th century, the criaderas and solera ageing system was established and, in the 19th century, Manzanilla was consolidated as a member of the Denominations of Origin Jerez, Vinegar, Brandy de Jerez and Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Now, in the 21st century, it has risen from the ashes to modernise and offer us forms and nuances hitherto unknown. More than 20 wineries bring us the revolution of the Manzanilla de Sanlúcar and the wines of Jerez.

If you want to know more about these particular tall, well-ventilated cellars, supported by slender pillars, click here.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba
Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba

Monuments and churches

I am in a place whose origins date back to the mythical civilisation of Tartessos. Civilisations such as the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs have left their artistic and architectural mark on this territory, and we have even received some Viking incursions over the years.

In the 13th century it was conquered by the Christian armies of Alfonso X of Castile and León. Later, it was the dominion of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán and, under the rule of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, Sanlúcar had its moment of glory in connection with the discovery of America and the subsequent trade with the New Continent. This city became a key point, a port of departure for a large number of expeditions to the Americas and a meeting place for sailors, clergymen, merchants, traders, pirates and nobles.

Discover more secrets and details of our heritage by clicking here.

Bike rides

We rent bicycles so that you can explore the surroundings in a different way. We have created 3 routes that cover salt marshes, marshes, pine forests, beaches, farmhouses, lagoons and much more. You can get to know the fauna and flora, including dozens of birds that will delight birdwatchers. The landscapes change with the seasons and leave no one indifferent.

Click on the following routes and you will discover surprising paths:

Route 1. Bajo de Guía – Salinas de Bonanza – Pinar de la Algaida

Route 2. Greenway between rivers.

Route 3. Cortijo de la Fuente – Cortijo de Évora.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba
Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba

Equestrian tourism

If you would like to go horse riding we can help you by contracting a route with one of the equestrian clubs that offer excursions for all types of riders. Whether you want to go down to the beach to watch the sunset or ride through the hills of Martín Miguel and its surroundings between wheat fields and vineyards recalling the civilization of Tartessos and its treasures, some of them found in these lands. For more information click here.

Tourist routes

Do you want to get to know Sanlúcar from the inside? We invite you to discover with a local guide how we are, where we come from, mingle with the people of Sanlúcar, get to know their “savoir vivre”, enjoy the special and pleasant way of life of this city. They will accompany you to walk through our streets and rooftops, to taste the local wines and recipes, to smell the marshes and the sea, to listen to Doñana and to be dazzled by our light.

To find out who to do these tours with click here.


Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba
Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba

Wellness and Spa

Oh yes, I’m finally going to the Spa, We’ve been waiting for this moment all year. We need and want to have a massage, and you? do you need it too? Well, don’t think twice, you deserve to take care of yourself and to be taken care of. So now you know, come here and we will arrange it in a moment so that you can pamper yourself and feel at ease with your body. We know of two wonderful options in Sanlúcar.

Click here and we will give you more details about them.


Mirabrás, ¡arsa que toma!, soleares, ¡ole!, bulerías, ¡qué arte Manuel!…, “zi, me he puesto flamenca” because here flamenco exists, you can feel it, you can dance it, you can listen to it, you can feel the pinch of the “duende” that goes around the venues during the summer nights. And We take you by the hand “so that” you can enjoy beautiful flamenco shows. Ask me what you need and we will find it for you.

Now, if you want to make a do it yourself, that is to say, a “I cook it myself, I eat it myself”, click here and I offer you a couple of options.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Boutique Alcoba