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La Alcoba del Agua


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From the hotel we can organise your visit to the National Park through the different licensed companies and also tours to the natural space and its different activities.

La Alcoba del Agua

Natural paradise

Almost two dozen ecosystems framed within three large settings: beaches (consolidated and mobile), marshes (saltwater and freshwater) and reserves (bushes and pine groves).

Sand and clay, droughts and floods, salt water and fresh water… The coming together of opposite elements produces inexplicable events which generate legends and beautiful writings.

Many novelists and poets describe these lands and sing its praises, among them J.M. Caballero Bonald, Francisco J. Cruz Pérez and Juan Ramón Jiménez among others.

The Guadalquivir river mouth is the real lord of Doñana.

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You can also walk around the natural park near Sanlúcar. Here, you can visit the salt lakes near Puerto de Bonanza and the fish market; La Algaida and its Tarelo lagoon, pine grove and cycling lanes; El Faro de Bonanza and a landscape full of marshes towards this side of the river.

From Bajo de Guía you can cross to ‘the other side’ but without entering the national park. You will have to stay on the beach and ‘settle’ for the beautiful view of the horizon, a green (almost black) line of pine trees and a sun which floods everything around it with light.

La Alcoba del Agua
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