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“You have just left your bedroom… I went in.

it was untidy, lifeless, withered…

On a golden chair was the scented corset,

which you wore on the afternoon of our last date…”

– Juan Ramón Jiménez

La Alcoba del Agua

Boutique hotel

La Alcoba del Agua is a unique accommodation, a destination in itself to discover and enjoy, a place that, from an innovative concept, is inspired by tradition with a modern twist. This tradition is different from the stereotypical Andalusian aesthetics yet we use it as a reference: the light, the courtyard, the colour, the whiteness, the water, the salt, the fountain, the spiral stairs, esparto fabrics, the textures…

La Alcoba del Agua


Cosy rooms with a modern and elegant design and a handcrafted yet contemporary style. Comfortable, cosy and functional, they have everything you need to relax, including natural light and 100% organic cotton bed linen.

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La Alcoba del Agua is a modern hotel designed for the comfort and accommodation of our guests. The hotel has bright spaces with simple lines which wrap all visitors in a soft, peaceful and balanced atmosphere.

La Alcoba del Agua

Outdoor swimming pool

La Alcoba del Agua


La Alcoba del Agua

Breakfast buffet

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Bicycle rental

  • Airport transfer

La Alcoba del Agua

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Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz

The hotel is located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), in the heart of the old town of Barrio Bajo, surrounded by history and monuments, bars, restaurants and shops. La Alcoba del Agua offers a haven of peace in its interior where details matter and special attention is paid to the wishes and needs of our guests.

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La Alcoba del Agua


Culture, monuments, festivals, natural environment… Everything you need to enjoy your stay.

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La Alcoba del Agua

Gastronomy and wine

The local cuisine from Sanlúcar de Barrameda is based on products from its land and sea and each home, bar and restaurant prepare it in their own way. It is also accompanied by exquisite wines from the Jerez region, among which the unquestionable star is the manzanilla of Sanlúcar.

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