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New protocols

Health and safety at La Alcoba del Agua


Safely discover, relax and enjoy yourself without sacrificing the experience of a wonderful holiday. As the world moves into a new era, at La Alcoba del Agua Boutique Hotel, we would like our guests to know they can visit us with complete peace of mind.

Therefore, we have adopted the necessary prevention and preparation measures—following a health protocol based on official directives from The World Health Organization, The Spanish Government, The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, The Secretariat of Tourism and local authorities and on suggestions and recommendations from healthcare authorities—to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees with all of the excellence, comfort and trustworthiness that has always distinguished us.

These health and safety measures and protocols are listed below, along with best practices for service, facilities and staff, and these have all been adhered to since the hotel reopened on 19th June 2020.

Hostal Alcoba

In the rooms

  • We thoroughly disinfect the room after each check-out.
  • All bed linen and towels are laundered by a company certified for biocontamination control.
  • While rooms are being cleaned, all dirty linen is placed in a bag that is sealed directly and removed. It never comes into contact with the clean linen.
  • All surfaces, furniture and items in the room and bathroom are disinfected using powerful disinfectants approved for the purpose to UNE-EN 14476 standards and with the utmost guarantees of safety.
Hostal Alcoba

At reception

  • At reception
  • Upon arrival, a seal of cleanliness will show that the entire establishment has undergone a strict cleaning and disinfection process.
  • We have a protective screen at reception to ensure proper social distancing between guests and employees.
  • We clean any elements, devices, surfaces and furnishings that are in contact with our guests on an ongoing basis.
  • Option to check in online.
  • We have new PPE (personal protective equipment) for our guests and workers: Hand sanitiser and masks.
  • We have contactless infrared thermometers in reception.
Hostal Alcoba

Food service

  • Breakfast: there are three sittings to choose from.
  • We have removed décor and shared items from the area, and we ensure all cutlery, glassware and table linen are meticulously cleaned and disinfected.
  • Any surfaces or furnishing that our guests may come into contact with are cleaned continuously.
  • Our dining-room capacity has been updated and tables are now placed further apart to ensure safe distancing for diners.
  • We have servers, with staff to serve you. As a result, there are no self-service utensils.
Hostal Alcoba

In common areas

  • Signage informing you of the COVID-19 preventive measures and recommendations to be followed during your stay.
  • We recommend using the stairs over the lift.
  • Lifts are limited to a maximum of two people at a time or members of the same family unit.
  • At the pool: we will ensure there is a safe distance between lounge chairs and provide hand sanitiser.
  • Hydroalcoholic hand gel dispensers for disinfecting hands will be available in numerous areas, including reception, the lobby, pool, lift entrances and public toilets, as well as all private areas for hotel employees.
  • Heavily used points of contact such as door handles, handrails, staircase banisters, lifts, public telephones, taps, nappy changing stations, highchairs, etc. are cleaned and disinfected frequently.
  • Our hotel has the advantage of having a large outdoor space, which provides a great deal of fresh air and sun… We will at least be able to wink and smile at each other from our tables and continue to enjoy this magical space just like always.
  • Indoor public spaces, such as the dining room and other areas, are kept ventilated all day long so that the air is constantly refreshed.
Hostal Alcoba

For our employees

  • Our employees undergo continuous training on the new instructions and work procedures in line with the new health and safety guidelines.
  • Our employees take compulsory training in preventive protocols and measures to be enacted immediately in the event of any likelihood or notification of COVID-19.
  • Employees are provided with face masks and/or gloves when their work so requires, when there are no protective panels in their workspace, and when a minimum of two metres of social distancing is not possible.
Hostal Alcoba

Health and safety committee

  • We have formed a team with the companies we work with on a regular basis on matters of health, monitoring and occupational risk to design a risk management and contingency plan adapted to all of our facilities. The oversight and duties of this committee will comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (LPRL) at all times.Once risks have been identified and evaluated by the appropriate person according to the LPRL, the committee will take responsibility for defining strategies and decision-making to minimize hygiene and health risks due to COVID-19. That’s the great thing about being small, we can control everything down to the smallest detail.

What can you do?

  • Did you know that assiduously cleaning your hands reduces the propagation of any virus or bacteria by 80%? Prevention is always the best option. In this regard, we suggest washing your hands frequently or using our hand-disinfectant dispensers.
  • Respect the safety distance.
  • Cough into a paper napkin or tissue or, if you don’t have one, cough into your elbow to avoid the spread of the droplets through the air.
  • Remember to be very careful and respect the general prevention guidelines issued by the healthcare authorities for stopping the spread of the virus, such as frequently washing your hands, not touching your face and favouring respiratory hygiene (sneezing and coughing into a tissue).
  • We know that some of the measures affect the comforts our guests usually enjoy during their stay, but we ask you to understand that these protocols are necessary and have been enacted with everyone’s best interests in mind.
  • Our essence and our eagerness to look after our space, and our wonderful surroundings, remain steadfast. We continue to take steps in our commitment to sustainability and are supporting local trade more than ever.
  • When you are at La Alcoba del Agua, you are like family. And we will take care of you as such because that’s just the way we do things. What we want is for you to enjoy the experience 100%, so relax: we have masks, gloves, thermometers and an action protocol that the whole team knows by heart and will follow if you suspect you might be sick – because that’s what you do for family.
  • No matter when you are travelling, we will soon be here with our doors open and ready to serve you.
  • La Alcoba del Agua family
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